New 2016 Pumper Truck

October, 23 2015

Mayor Rex Matthews said a newly acquired fire truck will serve the citizens of Grand Bank well in the protection of life and property in the years ahead. The vehicle — a 2016 Freightliner pumper — was officially added to the town’s arsenal of firefighting equipment during a ceremony at the fire hall Oct. 23. Grand Bank MHA and cabinet minister Darin King presented the keys [...]

Suspicious Package

May, 16 2015

A suspicious package addressed to the court house in Grand Bank has been delivered to the RCMP detachment in Marystown without incident. Two members of the Marystown Volunteer Fire Department - Fire Chief Alex Coady and firefighter Colin Walsh - donned hazmat suits to remove the package from the federal building, which houses Canada Post, this [...]

Fire Truck Pull

October, 17 2011

It wasn’t even close.  John Burke High School's boys ‘3A' softball team took on the Grand Bank Fire Department in a lighthearted event Oct. 17. Members of the fire department were quick to point out they were significantly outnumbered. It was part of a fundraising initiative to help send the boy to Glovertown for the provincial ‘3A' tournament this past [...]

Grand Bank Seafoods Fire

June, 10 2011

A fire at the fish plant in Grand Bank just didn’t want to go out last week.  Firefighters put out a blaze at Grand Bank Seafoods over the suppertime hour last Monday, June 10, only to see it flare up again the following morning. Luckily, according to Acting Fire Chief Tony Snook of the Grand Bank Volunteer Fire Department, everyone made it out of the facility and there were [...]