Perry Drake Memorial Scholarship


    On April 26th, 2004, family, friends and fellow firefighters had the privilege of honoring a man who was considered to be an honest, dedicated and loyal person. Perry was a devoted husband and father, a friend you could count on and a person you could trust.

     Perry enjoyed life to the fullest, whether it was quiet time with his family, out in his boat hauling lobster pots, in the country kicking up the snow/tearing up the bog or just shooting the breeze with his friends. Perry lead an active life, committing himself to whatever he was involved in; he wasn’t a follower, but a leader. If you were in his company, you were most likely sharing a laugh or planning something for the next day.

     On March 10, 2003, Perry joined the fire department, full of enthusiasm, eager to learn and willing to give his time for the betterment of his community. When his team captain did the pager check, he was always the first to call back and if the call was a little late he would always ask “what’s the problem, your late again?” If the pager sounded and he wasn’t out in his boat, he would be one of the first to arrive at the fire hall. Perry may not have realized it but he was held in high respect by his fellow firefighters, he showed us strength and dedication during his treatment that is rarely seen by others. He was so proud to haul on the bunker gear, climb aboard the truck, open that nozzle and see whom he could get into his sights. He certainly was a team player and we are so proud that we had the opportunity to play on his team.

     We may never know why Perry was taken from us, perhaps it’s not for us to know but we are so honored to have shared in his life. Words cannot express the sympathy we are feeling now but our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. We will keep you alive in our memories. 

You will never be forgotten,

Your Fellow Firefighters