RCSCC 71 Atlantic – 2017 Fire Prevention Week

October, 09 2017

On Monday, October 9th, we visited the Officers and Cadets of RCSCC 71 Atlantic in Grand Bank for a Fire Safety Presentation & Demonstration. Chief Tony Snook did the in class presentation while Firefighters Corey Perry (Captain), Michael Cumben, and Timothy Organ did the outside practical demonstration using fire extinguishers. For many Cadets, this was the first [...]

2017 Fire Prevention Week

October, 06 2017

Training Night – Hose Testing 2

May, 17 2017

. May 17, 2017 We took all three units to the Seaman's Museum for hose testing. Tonight we completed the hose testing for unit 99 by testing the hoses from the side bays. Several weak spots were identified and sent for [...]

Training Night – Hose Testing

May, 10 2017

May 10, 2017 We took the Fire Engine to the Seaman's Museum on Marine Drive. We conducted the annual hose testing on Unit 16. This process involved removing all of the fire hose, extending them, and exposing them to high pressure. The purpose is to find any leaky seals or holes which could compromise the hose during a fire. Tonight we removed several sections of hose from the [...]

Training – Smokehouse #2

April, 26 2017

April 26, 2017 We did a training exercise at the smokehouse using a portable pump drafting water from a small pond. We practiced using class "A" foam on a burning [...]