RCSCC 71 Atlantic – 2017 Fire Prevention Week

On Monday, October 9th, we visited the Officers and Cadets of RCSCC 71 Atlantic in Grand Bank for a Fire Safety [...]

Training Night – Hose Testing 2

. May 17, 2017 We took all three units to the Seaman's Museum for hose testing. Tonight we completed the hose [...]

Training Night – Hose Testing

May 10, 2017 We took the Fire Engine to the Seaman's Museum on Marine Drive. We conducted the annual hose testing [...]

Training – Smokehouse #2

April 26, 2017 We did a training exercise at the smokehouse using a portable pump drafting water from a small pond. [...]

Training – Smokehouse #1

April 12, 2017 We did training on the Smokehouse grounds located on the Grand Bank - Fortune Highway. It began with [...]

Training – Foam

April 5, 2017 We went to the Grand Bank Courthouse for Foam Training using Class "A" [...]

Training Night – Drafting #2

March 15, 2016 Trying night took the firefighters to Bruno's Brook on Old Road. There the firefighters were [...]

Training Night – Drafting

On Wednesday, February 23, 2017, we did outside training at the Grand Bank Courthouse Pond. We were learning [...]

2017 Winter Carnival – Weiner Roast & Open House

February 1, 2017 As a part of the Grand Bank Winter Festival, the fire department was scheduled to host a sliding [...]

2016 Guy Fawkes Night

November 7, 2016 The Fire Department hosted a Bon Fire at the soccer field parking lot for the community complete [...]